Looking for a magician in Cardiff?


So you have been looking for a magician in Cardiff, where do you look? Invariably google!  When you google the various versions of the search terms , Cardiff magician, magician Cardiff, magicians near Cardiff, you will be presented with a list of options.



At the very top and bottom of the pages you will see the 'paid for ads' which have a little orange looking icon by the side of them. These ads are paid for by businesses on a pay per click basis, meaning every time you click them, it costs the business a certain amount of money.  For Cardiff magician, it is over £4 per click. 


Google organises its listings in an extremely complex manner using incredible algorithms. The websites you will see at the top (below the paid for ads) are the 'organic ranking' sites. These are sites that google consider the best , related to the search term you put in. 


 In the above photo you will see that i am organically ranked first for my keywords, Cardiff magician.   

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