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Booking terms & conditions

Definition of performance

Close-up magic and mindreading is performed for individuals or small groups of people in a mix & mingle or table fashion. It is described as creating seemingly impossible illusions using purely natural means and is often with everyday objects like playing cards, coins etc. 


If you are in any way unsure of the type or style of performance please ask but James does not perform at children's parties, stage magic or any magic requiring the use of microphones, lighting or to large groups of people at once (above 40 people).

Payment Terms
An Advance deposit of £50 is required to confirm the booking. The remaining balance of shall be payable 14 days before date of the performance. Upon signing of this agreement and receipt of deposit, this contract shall be considered binding.

Payment of deposit can be made by cheque, cash, Paypal or bank transfer, made payable to James Hawker. The remaining balance can be paid using the same methods outlined above.

Client Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the client to give accurate details to the performer regarding venue location.  James is extremely busy and incorrect venue details from the client may result in your performer arriving late or in extreme cases not arriving at all. The client must check that the style of performance matches their expectations. If James arrives and the client expects him to perform another style of magic, stage or children's parties, James will refuse and the client will forfeit payment. If the client requests specific performers, this must be agreed before completing the booking contract. There is an additional fee to guarantee you get the specific performer you requested.

Changes to the contract

Any changes to the contract must be agreed by both the client and James Hawker Magic. All changes must be in writing. Changes will only be made when both parties have accepted the amendments.  


Termination/ Cancellation of Contract
CANCELLATION of the engagement by the client for any reason shall forfeit the deposit. Cancellation of the engagement by the client WITHIN 30 DAYS of the date of engagement shall also require payment of the balance to the act. A client cancelling their engagement by telephone must also verify that cancellation in writing, this can be done via email.   A cancellation is not valid until you get a response from James.

Should Cancellation by the Performer be necessary, the performer will make every effort to arrange for a comparable Performer, who will be subject to the same terms and conditions outlined above. If no substitute is available, James will refund in full. 

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