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Cardiff Wedding magician

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Hire Cardiff Wedding Magician James Hawker

So the wedding planning has started, and you’re looking for something different and memorable to entertain your guests?

"In the beginning I did not want a magician! I have to say that after seeing James perform at my wedding, I now truly believe that every wedding should have a magician and that the magician should be James!! Highly recommended!" 

Mrs Annie-Star Forsey


Performing at 30+ weddings per year, James is an experienced wedding magician! He has a modern mix and a ‘mingle’ style of performance, so if it is wedding breakfast entertainment, drinks reception or evening reception, the guests will be amazed with his sleight of hand magic and his unique style of mind reading . 

There are a few different times throughout the day that you may wish to consider some entertainment. James' packages are below for you to take a look at but ultimately every wedding is unique, its YOUR big day and James will tailor his performance and packages to suit  your requirements.

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The Photo Period


When you arrive at the venue, no doubt you will want some gorgeous wedding photos taking. The photographer will whizz you away, and as these can take quite some time, your guests are left to sit around and wait before the meal starts.

Close-up magic is the perfect entertainment for this period. It’s one of the more popular times for booking a magician and it really is a fantastic ice breaker to alleviate those awkward silent moments. Magic is a great way to keep your guests entertained and ensure the wonderful atmosphere from the ceremony, flows nicely into the wedding breakfast.  James  will perform for 90 minutes during this period


Many weddings will have a natural break during the period between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception, this is often referred to as the transition period or the middle bit. This period often occurs in the middle of the day and marks a distinct transition from the day to evening, hence the pack 'MAGIC IN THE MIDDLE'. 


Although some venues are quicker than others, the time is usually between an hour and a half to two hours.  James' magic is a great way of keeping your guests entertained during this period and will ensure the excellent atmosphere from the first part of YOUR big day, flows nicely into the evening.

The benefit of hiring during this period is that your evening guests will be arriving and get to experience the magic too!! James will perform for 2 hours during this period.

Full Experience



The full experience will definitely help you to achieve this! Combining all of the positives from the above packages, James will ensure there will be no bored guests at YOUR big day!  


James will perform for three and a half hours during your day, at both of the natural 'quiet' periods, ensuring your amazing atmosphere is continues.

Why should you book James? Great question!


It is likely that some guests will not know each other. James' magic is a great icebreaker, ensuring your guests have a conversation point to start the day


You will have amazing reaction shots that only magic can provide!


If your guests are not applauding, laughing and gasping in astonishment, you get your money back!!!!

pie-chart 95.png

According to Bride & Groom magazine, 80% of married couples wish they had spent more on wedding entertainment!

95% of couples that have booked James wish

they had booked him for longer!


According to Modern Wedding magazine, 75% of wedding guests say that the key to a great wedding is great entertainment!

Read James' most recent blog below

Further information

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Your Wedding is one of the biggest days of your life!

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Cardiff wedding magician

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