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  • Cardiff Magician James Hawker

Wales Millennium Centre performance

The above image was taken at a celebration event NFU Mutual at the Wales Millennium Centre the week before Christmas.

My personal belief is that magic is never really about 'fooling' or 'tricking' people, these are negative words that imply someone has been a fool or naive and that is never the case. I absolutely hope that none of my audiences describe their experience of my magic in this way! There are many magicians in Wales that simply do not get that concept and worse still, actively use these words to audiences and make them feel that way. It is the true difference between a professional and an amateur and you can easily obtain this information from watching ANY of their videos online. For me, magic is about entertaining, creating moments of wonder and amazement and bringing people together, simple!

I truly believe this approach is what compels companies to book me repeatedly. Take a look at some of m testimonials here, you can see for yourself

During this event, the magic and mind reading I performed was 100% unique to me, there is no other magician in the world performing it, let alone a magician in south wales.

The client kindly provided me with feedback from the event (which is below). All attendees were asked to evaluate the evening, here are the responses;-

What was your favourite thing about the night?

"The wandering magician!" "The magician provided great entertainment" "The whole night - it was really magical and set a new standard for the annual event. Well done! :)" "Just keep that magician guy, he was minted" "The magician was my favourite thing."

As you can see from both the images and the feedback, the response to my magic was exceptional. If you are looking to hire a magician as wedding entertainment or as entertainment for an event, please get in touch.

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