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A wedding offer to make you forget 2020!

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

There was hardly any weddings this year (Even the picture is from 2019 ☹️) so I have been saving all my creativity to come up with that amazing blog headline. Will it be as disappointing as 2020 or will it be so amazing that you will plan to get married just to have the offer? Read on.......

Cardiff magician, wedding magician cardiff, magicians cardiff
Cardiff magician performing as a wedding magician at Hensol Castle wedding

So blogs are essentially about information. I like to keep people updated about what I have been doing, the magic I perform and about my business in general but there really is not much I’m afraid. I approached the beginning of this pandemic like a child on a snow day from school, yes I was a little scared but I thought enjoy it, it will be over soon, I was so wrong!! At this point, I believe that the year can be written off and almost of all of my bookings have been postponed until 2021 or 2022.

If you are a couple trying to navigate your way around planning and reorganising a wedding this year I take my hat off to you, I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be.Unfortunately I fear many more couples are going to have to face this in the coming months, some for a third or maybe even fourth time.

What follows may be of some help...

Cardiff magician, wedding magician Cardiff, Bryngarw House weddings
Cardiff magician at Bryngarw House

The Wedcast

As I am sure you will be aware, I am a co host of the amazing ‘Wedcast’ with a fellow wedding professional, Les from Clixx photography and film. Les is an amazing wedding photographer and you should definitely check out his work!

The Wedcast is all about helping couples, it is a live weekly wedding show, offering advice and showcasing some of the amazing wedding services in South Wales! The Wedcast is not about giving you a sales pitch and we are not QVC, we are just passionate about providing a quality service and if we help one couple each week, well thats enough to warrant the hours of effort each week we put into it. To be honest, we are both missing weddings and this kind of helps with our wedding cravings (Can you even have wedding cravings?) so we are happy.

Guests on the Wedcast have included a wide range of professional wedding services, some Brides to be and some of South Wales’ most prestigious wedding venues, which I am proud to have an association with. Each and every episode comes with ‘Top Tips’ on a range of subjects, check it out here or on our YouTube channel.


Cardiff magician, blog, wedding magician Cardiff, Newport magician, Bridgend magician
Cardiff magician talks about Dodgy wedding services

The situation for performers, events business and staff is really serious, they are receiving little to no support from the government and this month, even that will decrease. It really is a dire situation! However, that does not excuse some of the practices I have seen with people making changes to terms and conditions, services opening under a different name and much more.

When you book a service you need to do your research, for most people, you only have one wedding day. One tip I would give is that you can check what a website says on a particular date in the past and you should look around the time you booked and looked now. It will be very evident the changes that they have made. If you Google web archives, you will find a tool that allows you to do this.


The magical offer?

Well it’s really quite simple. £95 off any time period for new bookings of weddings 2022 and onwards!! This offer will stand until Christmas Day this year (2020).

Now you may be thinking that offer won’t make you forget 2020 and that I have taken creative licence to far?! Well £95 is £95 and depending on your venue (my travelling distance to it) and the amount of time you are thinking of hiring me, £95 can be a significant proportion of the overall fee.

Other than cost, why should you book me?

I am extremely proud to announce that I am now a member of the ’Wedding Guild of Wales’. Long before joining (you can see this on the Wedcast episodes) I always thought that the wedding guild badge (below) was a sign of a trusted, quality wedding services. I don’t mind saying that despite being a professional magician for over a decade, I did not meet their criteria the first time I applied. They really do not give this badge to just anyone, so being A member really does mean a lot to me and should give you extra confidence to book either myself or any of the services guild members provide.

Cardiff magician, cardiff wedding magician, magicians cardiff
James is a proud member of the Wedding Guild of Wales

I have 5 star ratings on Google, vocal reviews and much more! You can genuinely rely on a quality service when you hire me, or your money back !

You can contact me about your big day by clicking here or alternatively you can email me at

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