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How to avoid being "ripped off" by Wedding suppliers! 2 minute read that could save you £1000's

10 Tips for finding great wedding suppliers in South Wales

There are plenty of amazing wedding services and suppliers in South Wales but there are at least an equal amount of ones you DO NOT want to hire for your wedding. How do you know which is which? Well this blog will give you all the information you need.

This blog is based on the information given in the above episode of the Wedcast in which Myself, Les (Clixx Photography) and Lynne (Lovey Dovey) talk about the subject of this blog.

During this episode we talk about the services we provide, the Welsh Wedding Guild and its importance and give 10 TIPS between us to ensure you get the very best for your wedding day. The 10 TIPS are summarised in the video below but I do go into much more detail if you care to read on. There is also more detail in the episode of the Wedcast above.


I hope that the tips in the video above are straightforward but there is definitely some other things to bring to your attention. From this point on, the information is mainly my opinion but I do believe that its both valid and will help you a lot.

Tip 1

Tip one is almost redundant because you are here. Read all the tips and you will be in a much better position to get quality suppliers and ensure you have an amazing wedding day that you and your guests will remember forever.

Tip 2 - Insurance

Seems a little odd? Well its really not! There are a few reasons why a supplier should have public liability insurance. The first reason is that you are not liable if they break anything of even burn the place down (I know that's a little dramatic). The second reason is that many venues will simply require suppliers to have this, all the best wedding suppliers in South Wales will definitely have it!

Tip 3 - Check with your venue

You will be paying a lot of money to your venue, use their knowledge and expertise. Ask your wedding venue for a list of recommended suppliers, they will not recommend rubbish. You also need to check with the venue that they are happy for a particular type of supplier. Fire breathers and fireworks are examples of the things venues may not be keen on but the truth is it could be anything. You do not want to be in a position whereby you have booked and paid for a supplier and you venue then says absolutely not!

Tip 4 - Ask you friends that have been married

Why the friends that are married? Well because they can recommend the wedding services that were great for them but they will also not recommend the people that did not do a good job, were unprofessional or difficult to deal with.

Tip 5 - Do they look professional?

This is hugely important! If a service has an amazing looking website, clearly spends time making their social media look great, has a custom email address (or even a beautiful blog) they are definitely more likely to care about the job they do for you. Can something look great but be rubbish 'in real life'? Of course, but remember this is about using all of the tips in this blog, not one on its own.

Tip 6 - Check reviews

Ok this is obvious. There are reviews everywhere for wedding services, check them all out. I have a review page on my website but post the reviews, together will the picture of me with couples on my instagram, feel free to check them out (and if you want to give me a cheeky follow that would be appreciated)

Tip 7 - Address?

This was one of Les' tips during the Wedcast. I must admit it was not one that I had ever thought of but it is an important one. The tip was relating to Wedding providers potentially vanishing with your money. If you know where they live or if they have a shop, its much more difficult to vanish... trust me, I am a magician.

Tip 8 - Speak to the supplier

This is important for lots of reasons. By speaking with the supplier you will be able to ascertain what time of person they are and get a better idea of the service they provide. They can answer your questions but can also share their wealth of experience with you, so you can make informed choices. You are only planning one wedding, many of the best wedding suppliers in South Wales work at weddings numerous times per week so have a lot to offer.

Tip 9 - Price

Weddings can cost a fortune, its not a secret. The cost of a particular service can tell you a lot and you will find prices vary greatly. Am I saying the best services are the most expensive? No. I am saying that the best services/suppliers/people not the cheapest. Remember if something is to good to be true, it usually is!

Tip 10 - Check, check and check again

This was one of Lynne's tips and its a good one. You will be investing a lot of time and money so you can have the best wedding ever. Make sure you check the details (big and small) so you are not disappointed when it matters, on the day of your wedding.

A massive thank you to both Les and Lynne for allowing me to use their information, advice and experience in this blog. Please do check out both Clixx Photography and Lovey Dovey, give them a follow on social media and if you are getting married, ask them what they can do for you. I can assure you they meet all the criteria stated above.


Thinking about a wedding magician?

If you are thinking about how you can keep you wedding atmosphere amazing even during the natural 'lull' periods of the day, then hiring a wedding magician for your South Wales wedding is a great idea! I know I am biased but please do get in touch to see if my magic is a good fit for your wedding. You can get a quote easily by clicking the button below


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