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How to get the perfect Wedding Magician for you

Cardiff wedding magician performs at bryngarw house in bridgend
cardiff magician james hawker at bryngarw house wedding bridgend

As a professional wedding magician, I feel like I am able to offer some great tips and advice to enable you to get an incredible magician for your wedding.

Now you may think that the conclusion of this blog will be that I am the perfect magician for you, well, the answer for some weddings is NO!

If that surprises you, please read on....I promise its worth the extra few minutes reading time. It could save you money and make a massive difference on your big day.


If you are getting married for the first time, it's likely that hiring all these services will be a lot like taking your car the garage to be fixed, you don't know what to expect.

It is normal to be asking for recommendations, everyone does, and that is a good thing to do. There are however better places to get recommendations from (I wrote a blog about it here) than others, but it's essentially from your venue and wedding photographer who will have worked with other professionals for years and know their quality.

For recommendations for magicians specifically, this is especially true. Magic is unique and people usually haven't seen that many magicians perform. So when they are saying things like "he's the best" (which happens a lot on Facebook groups) there is no way they have seen enough magicians for that to be valid.

Magicians can differ massively in their ability, the type of things they perform, how they interact with your guests and how much experience they have.

I recently asked on my social media for people to say what what the best band ever was (please see pic below) and the answers ranged from Queen, to the Eagles and even Steps. It's obvious that people just like different things and the range of magicians is almost as vast as the jump from Queen to Steps.


To my knowledge (which is fairly good) you could be paying anywhere from £200 to £600 for two hours of magic at your wedding in Wales.

Remember though what I've talked about above ! Honestly, there are some magicians that would be ripping you off at £200 and some at £500 that would be offering you excellent value. I am not saying you should hire the most expensive, it's just to convey the idea that you get what you pay for. I wrote a blog about this which you can see here.

There are so many magicians in this price range that are brilliant at what they do, some of them I would have at my own wedding.

Wedding Fayres

It must be said that the best person to choose a magician for your wedding is you. There are loads of wedding fayres across wales, pop along to one and meet some magicians and you will get an idea of the type of magician you want for your wedding. One tip- see more than one magician before booking, there is a massive difference between us.

For me the best wedding fayres are the ones My wonderful Welsh weddings provide, you can see these here. Now I don't claim to have attended wedding fayres with every company, but if the ones I have attended, these are by far the best. Also, at every wedding fayre, someone wins £1000 just for attending and YES this really happens.


How a magician (or any business) advertises is an indication of their quality. If you can see that they put time, effort and money into what they do, I would say that it's more likely they will care about doing a great job at your wedding or event. Here are some things to look out for;-

  • Do they have a website & up-to-date social media?

  • Are they posting the same things over and over? It could be an indication that they aren't very busy.

  • Do they have a custom email address and not just a 'gmail' etc

  • Do they have actual independent reviews? So ar there Google reviews, screenshots of reviews or simply quotes they have typed up which no one has any way of verifying. A good way to ascertain this is by looking at the comments of the images they post from weddings.

  • How do they advertise? Is it videos in their pyjamas at home or real life performances. How they market themselves is important, there is a reason why you would never see a Ferrari advertisement like the one I've made below


I would advise you to speak to the magician in person or at least on the telephone. You will be able to get a good idea of the type of person they are and they will be able to advise you of the best times for magic to fit into and enhance your wedding. Ultimately it's your big day so it's your choice but it never hurts to ask the opinions of people who do it all the time.

Why book me?

Well i do have 100's of good reviews for weddings and events and you can clearly see this on my instagram page. I do pride myself on providing not only amazing magic at your wedding or event, but also in the customer service I provide. If you would like a quick quote for your wedding or event, please just click the button below.

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