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The PROM magician 2020

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

If you are undecided about hiring a magician for the prom you are helping organise, this blog will outline why it is a great idea, what to look out for and give you an amazing offer!

As I begin writing this blog, we are almost at the end of February 2020 and I have already booked in seven PROM's for this year. I love performing at Prom's and every year I entertain children, young people and adults at everything from Primary school to University graduation prom's.

I want to point out the obvious, that I may be a little biased, but please do not allow this to stop you considering what follows.


Why should you hire a magician for the prom?

Prom's are a celebration of a period of time, often marking a milestone, a reward and an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. There are three main reasons why you should hire a magician for the prom.

The first reason is because proms should be magical!

Magic WILL give the all who attend the prom an experience they will always remember, they will experience seemingly impossible feats, which happens in their hands, with their friends, on their magical day.

The second reason is the memories

What is more magical and invaluable than memories? I often see people whom I have performed for years earlier and they still have a memento of my performance in their wallet of purse. This could be a coin I bent, a card they signed or a memory I guessed, the point is, they keep it on them almost all of the time and when they look at it, it reminds them of that occasion.

This does not cost as much as you think

Hiring a magician is really affordable, especially with my offer (further down in the blog).


Why I am the right magician to hire?

~ My background~

First of all, let us cover the basics. I have an enhanced (portable) DBS and full public liability insurance. This should be an absolute minimum requirement when hiring someone to entertain children and young people. I know that you probably already knew this but I can assure you, most magicians in Wales do not have the both of these!

I also have twenty years experience of working directly with children & young people, in a professional capacity, in schools, youth provisions, community groups, charities and community/fun events. I hold nationally recognised qualifications in youth work and teaching and have up-to-date knowledge of safe guarding.

~As a magician~

As a professional magician, all of my magic is suitable to audiences of all ages. I perform at 40+ weddings per year, at corporate events, Christmas parties, after school clubs, community events, birthdays, anniversaries and proms. I have done this for over a decade!

My background and experience enable me to adjust my performances to suit my audience which is crucial when working with children & young people. You will see from my reviews here, that customer service is very important to me. I am so confident you will think my service is exceptional, I offer a 100% money back promise.



The offer is really simple, hire me to perform magic at the Prom for one hour and you will get the second hour absolutely FREE! So I am clear, I will perform for two hours for the price of one! Sound good?

I am aware that many of you reading this will be at different stages of organisation and that for some, you may not be in a position book yet. Not a problem! You can save the offer to use at a later date by clicking here.

This offer will expire soon but if you have clicked to save, you can use it at anytime in 2020.

When you are ready to book, the package options are as follows:-

Silver - 1 hour of Magic

Gold - 1 Hour of Magic & Mindreading plus your choice of one of the ‘Performance Packages’

Platinum- 2 hours of Magic, Mindreading plus all of the ’Performance Packages’

The performance packages are below. This type of magic requires additional resources and preparation, which is why there is an additional charge.

- Psychological mischief

- Special Effects

- Magical Momento’s

If you have questions, please do feel free to contact me via social media or at

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