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Re-arranging your wedding? How to make it easier and less stressful!

Updated: May 24, 2020

If you are reading this blog there is a good chance that you may be faced with having to change the date of your wedding, if you are unfortunate you may have to do it more than once.

This blog will give you some FREE tips to make the process easier, saving you time and a lot of stress!

Cardiff wedding magician writes a blog to help couples re-arrange their wedding because of coronavirus
Cardiff wedding magician how to re-arrange your wedding the easy way

For the past few months I have been in constant contact with couples who are having to re-arrange their weddings, trying to be proactive in my approach and as helpful as possible. My intention with this blog (like all of my blogs) is to provide information that is of use to the people who use my services and who read my blog.

Each couple has began to re-arrange their wedding in different ways, some are messaging people individually, some are putting all their providers in one Facebook group and asking in that, some are making the changes over the telephone while others are booking a new date and informing everyone. While there is obviously no right or wrong way to re-arrange a wedding, there must be easier ways to do it.

I have spent the past few weeks thinking and trialling a number of methods and I believe I have thought of an easier way than to accomplish this for couples. Fortunately the method I believe works best is completely FREE and is easy to do.


Cardiff magician James Hawker at a wedding in Cardiff
Cardiff magician James Hawker

The method I came up with is very simple, use Survey Monkey. You can access Survey Monkey using the link below or they have great android and IOS apps that are FREE to use. There are paid options available but for most people who decide to use this for re-arranging their wedding, the free option is more than sufficent.

There are multiple benefits to using this method, firstly you will get a visual picture of what date is the best in terms of availability of your wedding providers (see picture below) and that seems to be the difficult aspect for many couples.

Now I hate to scare you but the availability of providers for next year is becoming more and more limited and I have seen that certain providers are not available for the new date couples have chosen. Survey Monkey will give you an outline of the dates where most of the people are available and because you can search by response individually as well as collectively, you can then decide which date is the best depending on the availability of services you see as more vital/essential.

Cardiff wedding magician has idea for making re-arranging weddings easy
Cardiff wedding magician has idea for making re-arranging weddings easy

The second benefit is that it is easy to see who has and has not responded to your questions so you know exactly who to chase. This is much easier than trying to keep a paper tally and writing everything out.

Timing is important when re-arranging a wedding during this coronavirus outbreak because so many other couples are having to do the same. If you can be efficient in your approach (whatever way you choose to do it) you stand a better chance of getting the services you really want, on your big day.


I used a simple 3 question survey for my tests but Survey Monkey is completely customisable to your needs. The three questions I thought were applicable were as follows;

1. Name of person/provider/service?

2. Available dates from your venue? (This is a multiple choice, select more than one question) ?

3. Any information your service provider feels is important

If you are reading this and have any other ideas for good questions please do get in touch and I will update the blog.


For one last tip, I thought it was worth mentioning that this could also be done for your wedding guests if you feel the need.


Hopefully this blog was of some use to you? I have lots of blogs about helpful subjects on my website here.

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In my last blog I promised news soon and although I cannot talk about it in this blog, I will be making an announcement in the middle of next week, so look out for that.

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