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Do you want an INCREDIBLE Wedding in South Wales? Check out this FREE guide and make it happen!

South wales wedding guide 2022. Hire a range of high quality wedding services and find out all you need to know to have an amazing wedding
South Wales wedding guide

Do you want the perfect wedding in South Wales? If you have started planning and are looking for the best wedding photographer in Swansea or the best magician Cardiff you need to read on!

My name is James Hawker, I am a specialist wedding magician, I am recommended by numerous wedding venues and have been performing at 30+ weddings per year for over a decade. Why is this relevant? Well because I have seen and experienced the very best in wedding venues and wedding services. Unfortunately, I have also seen all (at least most) of the ones that are unreliable, unprofessional and they are the ones that will probably let you down on a day you probably will never repeat.

I have genuinely spent months creating the " South Wales Wedding Guide" in order to give you great information and ideas to make your wedding one to remember. It does not matter if you are having 100 guests at Bryngarw House or 30 at Llechwen Hall, there is something for everyone in the guide.

In this blog and the actual wedding guide (downloadable PDF below) you find the following

  • A custom map of 101 Wedding Venues in the South Wales area. You will find venues you did not even know existed!

  • Contact information for a range of high quality suppliers

  • Some great wedding ideas and tips

The guide is not exhaustive, so it does not have everyone who supplies a particular service, but it does have a lot of services that I know to be good quality. Are the services the BEST in Wales? Well some definitely are and others it would be difficult to judge because a lot of things about weddings are subjective, some people like them, some are not so keen.

The #wedding guide itself, as stated above, took me months to do as hopefully you will see and appreciate when you click all the little icons etc in the guide. I truly hope you find some use from it and would love to hear your feedback.

South Wales Wedding Guide
Download PDF • 8.41MB

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