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Should I book a magician for a christening/baptism?

Thinking of booking a magician for your christening or baptism? Wondering if magicians perform at christenings? Want to know if it is a good idea? Then please read on ......

Admittedly Christenings do not make up the majority of a magicians bookings each year. When people look to hire a magician, it is usually when they are thinking of wedding entertainment ideas, entertainment at corporate events and for restaurants. Despite this, I am performing magic at more and more christenings each year, hence this blog.

Do magicians perform at christenings?

The simple answer is YES! Why? I truly believe that the success of any event or celebration, wedding, christening or otherwise, is how much your guests enjoyed the day. Great entertainment is absolutely key to this!

Is hiring a magician for a christening a good idea?

Of course the answer depends on what your looking for. Here are some of the key positives of hiring a magician;-

* Stand out entertainment

* Requires no space

Many forms of entertainment require physical space in a room, which you then have to co-ordinate and liaise with the venue to organise. Close-up magic requires no such thing! No physical space. Completely self contained, I will mix and mingle with guests, performing for groups of people at tables, standing, even outside in a garden or lawn.

*Will it suit all of my guests?

Yes. My magic is enjoyable for people of all ages. Even though my magic is primarily for adults, I have been performing for over 10 years and perform a variety of material that all of your guests will enjoy and be astounded by, regardless of age.

Cardiff magician James Hawker performs at a christening

I guess if your reading this, you will be at least interested in the possibility of hiring a magician. Please feel free to look through my website and if your interested in what others have said about me, check out my testimonials here.

Although I am Cardiff magician, I perform at numerous places throughout Wales, the south west and the UK. So if your event is in Bridgend, Pembroke or London, I am available for hire.

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