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Why the Mayweather v McGregor fight highlights the NEED for magic at your wedding!

cardiff magician, Bridgend magician, wedding entertainment

So you read the title of the blog and are thinking how could it possibly highlight that I NEED a magician at my wedding? There is no comparison between a fight and wedding entertainment, especially a wedding magician? Your also probably thinking that the two are absolutely and unequivocally different from which no comparison can be drawn? I disagree and to see why, please read on.....

Let me begin this by initially asking for some creative license to explore the possible connections. I have made a bold claim, I am very aware of it, but I believe its a claim that I can justify. Ultimately, you can decide for yourselves the relevance, I would love to hear your feedback either way.

Cardiff magician, Bridgend magician, wedding entertainment

To jump right into it, I believe that there are 5 reasons why this fight/event draws excellent comparisons with a successful wedding


On August 26th 2017, Floyd Mayweather fights Conor McGregor in the single biggest event in combat sports history. Both of the fighters will earn in excess of 100 million pounds for the bout, pay-per-view fees are expected to break all records and the cost of watching this event, will be more than any other in history.

If you are planning a wedding at the moment, I am sure you can begin to see the comparison I am about to draw. For most people, the cost of a wedding will be the single most expensive day in their lives! Although every wedding is different, most will include considerable costs for a wedding venue, the wedding dress, food, wedding cars, venue decoration, wedding photographers and a range of wedding entertainment.

Does being the most expensive fight in history guarantee it will be the best? Absolutely not, but I am hopeful it will be! Similarly, hiring the most expensive people from the variety of wedding providers does not always guarantee that they are better than the rest, but ensuring you have quality does usually come with an associated cost.

wedding entertainment cardiff


The Unknown

One of the major factors why the boxing bout between Mayweather and McGregor will be the biggest in combat sports history is because we simply do not know what will happen. This makes the whole event intriguing and exciting! That is what people will both pay for and remember.

Magic is unique in its ability to provide immediate feelings of astonishment for your guests. Hiring a magician WILL ensure that you add the elements of intrigue and excitement to your big day. Although the prevalence of magic in the media has been greater during the past five years with shows like Dynamo 'Magician Impossible', David Blaine, Penn & Teller ' Fool Us' and Britain's Got Talent, the majority of your guests will still have never experienced close-up magic personally.

Another point I believe to be worth mentioning and maybe noteworthy for you planning a wedding is this; the majority of weddings I perform at will have a very similar itinerary for the day. So for most this will mean, a ceremony, a photo period, wedding breakfast, change around of rooms and the evening reception. In both the photo period and the change around of rooms periods, there is usually some 'dead time', which effectively means your guests are essentially waiting around for you to return from having the bulk of your wedding images done or waiting for the evening reception to start. Both of these times are perfect for magic, its an excellent option for ensuring your guests are entertained during these periods.

My style of magic consists of sleight of hand and mind reading, all in the hands of your spectators. I guarantee that my performance will generate a level of intrigue and excitement that will leave your guests amazed and provide a great talking point for guests who may not know each other, it really is a great icebreaker.

cardiff wedding entertainment, cardiff magician

Mixture of styles

The mixture of styles in the fight is what will ultimately make it the biggest of all time. Floyd Mayweather is a multiple weight world champion boxer, Conor McGregor is a multiple weight MMA world champion, neither have fought anyone similar in their careers. I have spoken above about the intrigue and excitement this creates and why these elements are important in a successful wedding day. Having a mixture of styles is not necessarily the same thing.

When I talk about having a mixture of styles at your wedding, it is with reference to the types of wedding entertainment you choose. If you want a wedding that people will speak of and remember for a long time after its finished, the single most important factor is how much your guests enjoyed the day. Exceptional wedding entertainment is absolutely key to this!!

"80% of newly married couples wish they had spent more money on wedding entertainment"

Bride & Groom magazine

Booking & organising great quality entertainment from the vast array of available and ever-increasing options is not an easy task. If you would like my FREE guide to booking wedding entertainment, click here.

Back to the point, why is a mixture of styles important? Well, the answer is relatively simple, your guests will not all like and enjoy the same kind of things.

As far as entertainment at a wedding goes, music is pretty much a standard requirement but getting a musician or DJ to meet the personal preferences of all your wedding guests is not an easy task. Think about it, when you are at a wedding or a party, if there is music on that you dislike, you have to listen to it! When you hire a magician however, people have the option to participate or even to just watch, they do not HAVE to. In 10 years of performing, the times people refuse to watch my magic, I could literally count on one hand.

The best way to get ideas for wedding entertainment at your big day is to start planning early. What often happens is couples book everything else first and then the entertainment booking is rushed, this is not the best of doing things, especially considering the best entertainers are booked well in advance.

One last tip regarding the mixture of styles is to look at your guests list and decide what you can provide that will keep those people entertained. In my view, magic is a great way of ensuring that not only this happens, but also that they experience something, much like Mayweather v McGregor, that they have never seen before.


This is perhaps the most important section of this blog. The reason the bout between Mayweather and McGregor is so big, is because, regardless of what you think of them, they are at the absolute top of their professions. Now translate this to planning your wedding....

You do not want to spend countless hours, meticulously your big day, paying your hard earned money to ensure you get quality to then find out what you have actually hired is a complete AMATEUR. Great quality wedding entertainment will ensure your wedding is remembered as being a standard others want to emulate, poor quality entertainment from amateurs will do the absolute opposite! If your interested in knowing what to look for when booking a magician, I have written a blog on the subject which you can read if you click here .

In the blog there are some great tips which will help you to not become the distraught bride you seen in the image below.


One of the key aspects of your wedding day is creating wonderful memories for you and your guests. I truly believe that me magic can really add something special to ensure that your wedding day is remembered and talked about for a long time after it has finished. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

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