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A wedding magician in Lock down -updates, news and more!

Cardiff magician James Hawker gives an update, talks about a range of wedding issues
Cardiff magician James Hawker's blog about weddings during covid

As a wedding magician during this covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic, you may be wondering why my blogs are not daily, surely I have lots of time? Well I have been busy, as you will see.

This blog will provide an update about what I have been doing recently as well as my thinking about weddings going forward, which although we cannot predict completely, there are signs couples should look out for and definitely things couples should not be doing.


The Wedcast

If you have been following my previous blogs, you will know I have co-founded a brand new live wedding show called 'The Wedcast'. The ethos of the Wedcast is about providing couples with honest information without all the jazzy sales pitches, so they couples can make informed choices.

My co-founder is an amazing wedding photographer and was actually voted best wedding photographer in Wales in 2019, his name is Les Davies and his company is Clixx photography. Les has 13 years experience of shooting weddings and a lot of great advice, tips and information that couples can really benefit from.

The video above is the third episode of the Wedcast and has the amazing Belle Mariee Bridal as guests. We talk about all things Bridal and why the experience matters as much as the dress itself. It was genuinely a pleasure to hear the ladies speaking so passionately about what they do and why they do it, you really need to check it out.

We also talk about wedding ushers, seating plans for both the ceremony and wedding breakfast and who you should invite.


Wedding updates

Cardiff magician, magicians in Cardiff amaze wedding guests
Cardiff magician performs at wedding near Cardiff

What have I been doing?

I have been busy working with the couples who have booked me to ensure that I can move their wedding dates to their new dates effortlessly. It is really important to me that I can do this for people. I genuinely feel for couples having to do so much in order to re-plan their weddings, if there is anything I can do to support you, please do get in touch.

I have written a few blogs with tips about a range of subjects during these tough times, from re-organising your wedding to coronavirus and weddings and more, you can check these out here.

What is currently happening?

Well it is true that some couples have had to re-arrange their wedding more than once, some are genuinely on their third date. With this in mind, I think the following are three great tips

1) If you need to re-arrange your wedding, unless you are desperate to be married this year, make it next year! Maybe even later in the year. This just allows more time for things to be back to as normal as possible

2) Don't cancel your providers - This is really important! If you have paid deposits do not cancel providers because at the moment, great providers will be offering a lot of flexibility. If you are having second thoughts about certain aspects of your wedding, of course be mindful of cancellation rights/timescales but do not make rash decisions, there is no need for you to lose money. You may later decide you do want those suppliers again and they may have taken a booking on your date.

3) Be prepared - Have an idea in your mind of what your wedding will look like in a range of situations (social distancing etc) and plan for them. I am hoping that in a few months, things will be back to almost normal but you never know! I have been working hard to make my service adaptable to all kinds of measures and am confident I am able to deliver a quality service in a multitude of ways.


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