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Amazing WEDDING offer - 2 minute read

cardiff magician & wedding magician performs at the coal exchange

Just a quick blog to talk about the Wedding Offer that I currently have running.

Firstly, you may be wondering why a magician would have an 'offer' on at all, surely this would just mean they can perform at that rate/fee anyway? Well this is not the case, at least for people that do not usually have 'offers', like me. The offer I am running at the moment is specifically because I want to start utilising another aspect of business and having an 'offer' is the best way to enable me to do that, it is that simple!

"In the beginning, I really was not sure about the idea of having a magician at weddings. After seeing James perform for my guests, I truly believe that every wedding should have a magician and that that magician should be James!"

Annie-Star Forsey - Welsh College of Music & Drama

So what is this amazing offer? The offer is £95 off the cost of hiring for any time period, for new bookings, nice and simple! If you would like to take me up on this offer, please use the link below or contact me on the contact/book James page of my website.


A brief update

Cardiff magician performs at a wedding at the Coal Exchange Cardff

One of the downsides of being very busy is that I have not had the chance to update my blog, website and do some of the other things I really do enjoy (I am aware that enjoying blogging sounds bizarre). I have been performing at numerous weddings, a few private parties and a lot of school prom's, the most recent of which was at Jury's Hotel Cardiff.

I am having lots of images sent to me which is always really appreciated. If you have any images of me performing, it would be amazing if you could send them to me on

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