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Cardiff magician - Summer 2018

Its been a couple of weeks since my last blog due to be extremely busy. As a wedding magician in Cardiff or indeed throughout South Wales or the UK, the summer is 'wedding season' and this year has been very busy for me.

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Photo courtesy of the awesome One Vision Photography, whom I highly recommend

For the past couple of weeks I have been performing exclusively at weddings, I recently performed at three weddings on one day throughout South Wales. On two occasions recently people have said that I was 'the best thing about their wedding' which is perhaps the ultimate compliment.

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As a professional wedding magician, you get to see and work with other wedding service providers such as wedding photographers, wedding DJ's and numerous other wedding providers. It is my opinion that there is a massive difference in the quality of these services which is very evident when you see a range of people providing the service on a weekly basis. In my opinion, One Vision photography are the best wedding photographers, the way they interact with people is amazing, their final work is high quality and they really know what to capture when I perform, which is rare for magicians.

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If you are thinking of hiring a wedding magician, please do get in touch on or take a look at my new website

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