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I hope everyone has had a great week? I have had a busy week but, for a change, it did not include performing.

I have spent my time developing some ideas for my magic and am very pleased with the results. I think the changes and the new things I have incorporated will be evident when I next perform as a wedding magician or as a magician at a party.

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Some of the 'things' I have been working on have been ongoing for years, I realise that this sounds like an exaggeration but it really is the case. When developing the magic I perform, I truly care that it is of high quality and have certain criteria, which 'things' have to meet before I perform them. Creatively, some of those ideas change and evolve over the years but also, more often that not, I simply cannot find a 'good' ending to the effect, so I do not perform it. I truly believe that this is what enables me to get the type of reviews you can see at the top of this blog.

Now I realise that you may think that all magicians do the same but the truth is that very little actually do. I see many videos posted on social media by other magicians and most of what they perform has been bought from a magic shop and performed word for word, like the magician teaching the trick. In fact, I think that if you were to send me a video of a magician performing, 90% of the time I could literally give you a link to the 'trick' that they have bought. This type of magic is sub standard, lacks personality and is the type of magic literally anyone can do.

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