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Why I love being a wedding magician & the wonderful wedding of Ross & Rhian

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I have been privileged to be a Wedding magician for three couples in South Wales this past weekend. It’s now 9am on bank holiday Monday and I have a day off in the beautiful weather, what could be better?!

I have been performing my magic at weddings for over ten years now, at almost every wedding venue in South Wales, in beautiful castles in Cardiff to beach side hotels in Swansea and majestic manors in Bridgend.

All of these wedding venues are different and unique, almost all are truly wonderful but some can genuinely consider themselves among the best. It is true that some are more suited to Wedding entertainment and I certainly have my favourites!

cardiff magician, wedding magician cardiff, magician

Personally speaking, its not the wedding venues that I look forward to, it’s the wedding guests! Great guests will always equal an amazing wedding! This was certainly true of the wedding of Ross & Rhian at Bryngarw House last week, in which I had the absolute privilege of performing my unique close-up / table Magic and mind reading.

Ross & Rhian’s guests were absolutely fantastic to perform for. They were really funny, challenging (in the best possible way) friendly and appreciative. Whenever someone hires me as a magician, it is never my intention to fool people, i hope to create magical moments that people will enjoy and remember. As a magician I also remember these moments and there was one moment in particular where one of Ross and Rhian’s guests was simply not having Ed Sheeren that was extremely funny ( those who were there will know).

As a Wedding magician in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend (on this occasion) or anywhere, it is my job to ensure that wedding guests are entertained, happy and to keep the momentum and atmosphere high through usually the ‘lull’ periods like the photo period (between the ceremony and Wedding breakfast) or during the transition from day to evening wedding reception.

If you would like to talk with me about your wedding plans, how best to incorporate and amazing magician into your special day, please do get in touch. Simply click here to start the process

cardiff magician, wedding magician cardiff, magician

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