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The best wedding photographers in South Wales | A magicians opinion

The very first point to mention is that this blog is based solely on my opinion. I must state that I am not a qualified photographer so my choices are based on my individual preferences. It would be remiss of me to claim that I have worked with every wedding photographer in South Wales but, in the ten years I have been performing, I have worked with countless photographers but two really do stand out as being exceptional.

As a Cardiff based wedding magician, high quality images are extremely important to my business. The old saying that a 'picture is worth a thousand words' is a complete understatement when trying to portray the impact my magic has on an audience and in this case, wedding guests. Despite the majority of photographers being extremely kind and forwarding their images, I would say I only ever use about 20% of all the images I receive. Why? It is mainly because they focus upon me and not the reaction of the person witnessing my magic. Whenever I perform, whether it is at a wedding, party or corporate event, the images the client wants to see are always similar to those included in this blog, guests enjoying themselves!

I feel that all of the wedding photographers I mention in this blog truly understand and appreciate what makes a great picture and they have kindly supplied me with incredible images that truly show the impact and contribution an amazing magician can have on the overall guest experience at a wedding. After all, despite what you may think, the key to a memorable wedding day is the enjoyment of your guests.

The following list contains the contact details of those photographers that I believe to be exceptional and whom I would fully recommend (the list is not in any particular order, please click the name for links to their sites)

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I have worked with Darren on numerous weddings and am a big fan of his work in general. Darren really gets the importance of reaction shots when it comes to magic and has captured some amazing moments for wedding couples.

Darren has an extremely professional manner and approach to his work which is reflected in all of his images. He is simply amazing to work with as an entertainer! Darren is one of a select few photographers, in my experience, that bother to communicate with magicians in order to get the amazing images you see below.I highly recommend his work.

Take a look at Darren's website and see the quality of his work here

I have only performed at one wedding with Lewis but the quality of the images he sent me were incredible and I have used most of them. Like Darren above, Lewis really does capture the emotions and reactions of guests. I highly recommend his work.

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