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Why hotels NEED magic at their Christmas events

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Christmas entertainment, parties and nights out

The Christmas season is fast approaching and I have already received numerous emails about the planned festivities at various hotels around South Wales and the UK. All of the information is presented exceptionally, with fancy graphics, appealing menus and then you get to the entertainment ...

Great entertainment is the key to guests remembering the event and returning next year

Of course each hotel and venue are offering music. Music is an essential part of any party or event, it is expected by guests as a minimum (along with great food) but the key word here is minimum!

Considering the fact that great entertainment is often the key factor in guests enjoyment and therefore repeat business, it appears that many hotels are offering almost the same thing, a DJ (disco) and some a live band. Some are offering themed nights but the reality is that its the same as above, with music from a certain era. When you consider that almost all of the venues & Hotels are offering appealing menus and live music, what is there to differentiate between them? What is it that your hotel is offering that would make people choose your event over others?

Live music is great if your guests like and enjoy that kind of entertainment/music, but when they arrive at your event, they have no option but to listen to it.

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Close-up/Table magic is different!

Close-up magic is completely unobtrusive and unlike music, your guests can choose not to partake in the experience if they so wish, they are never forced to participate. Close-up/table magic perfectly compliments existing entertainment plans, requires no physical space in the room, can be utilized at any point in the evening and encapsulates the magical feelings that Christmas brings.

Close-up magic from Weiss Owl is a great way to entertain your guests from the point of arrival, right up until the music starts. Magic is unique in its ability to provide immediate feelings of astonishment, laughter and applause but crucially, your guests will remember and talk about our magic and your event for a long time to come!

For a price that is equally magical, you can book Weiss Owl, adding that extra bit of magic to your entertainment and at the same time stand out against your competitors.

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Why choose Weiss Owl?

The short answer is simply because we are the best! Now I realise that this is a bold statement to make, but its based upon 20 years of performance experience, a BAFTA for magic (not some made up 'award winning magician' marketing) 3 television series, 5 star reviews in national press for a stage production, great reviews from people like Sir Ian Mckellen plus much more!

What can we do for you?

The answer is again short and simple, we provide a completely bespoke service, tailored to your event. Examples of work we have recently undertaken are a custom, engaging gambling demonstration from a card shark at a 'Vegas' themed evening, effects that only involve fire & ice for the launch of a companies product and much more.

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