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Weddings - the one thing you NEED to be worried about

Cardiff wedding magician, wedding magician Cardiff

When it comes to planning a wedding there is just so much to consider. There will be the inevitable compromises, the time spent liaising with potential wedding suppliers, the time you spend on ensuring the small details of how you look, how the room looks and of course all of these things come at an expense. Unfortunately, because there is so much to do, there is potential for things to go wrong!!

The good news is that for the major things at least, you will have already given them plenty of thought to ensure that they go to plan and that they are on budget. If you are a bride, you will have spent countless hours making sure your wedding dress is perfect, that your bridesmaids are sorted and that the wedding venue will look amazing. Of course some people like to do all of the venue decoration themselves but for the people who would rather a professional that will guarantee your wedding looks incredible and simultaneously take away that potential headache, then I suggest 1st Class Weddings which you can contact by clicking here.

cardiff wedding magician, wedding magician cardiff

The one thing you may have missed is the thing that couples tend to regret afterwards. It is a legitimate FEAR that you absolutely need to consider;-

how do you stop your wedding guests from being bored?

There is a good chance that you have been to a ‘boring’ wedding and/or even been bored at a wedding. In many weddings, guests are essentially ‘hanging around’ for the happy couple at a few periods throughout the day, namely after the ceremony, before the wedding breakfast starts and during the transition from the day to the evening wedding reception. In both periods YOUR guests will be waiting for either you to return from having your wonderful wedding images or for the venue to re-arrange the room and for your evening guests to arrive.

If you are fortunate enough to have never been to a ‘boring’ wedding or even to have been bored at a wedding and think this be a myth, check out the link below;-

It is certainly true that effective planning can help you to alleviate some of the above. They key to this is to provide your guests with something light to eat and some wedding entertainment which will maintain the great atmosphere, keep your guests happy and ensure YOUR wedding gets talked about long after it has finished….. For the right reasons!!

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What are your options?

Thankfully, there are numerous options for ensuring that your wedding guests are entertained during these crucial periods. As a professional wedding magician for over 10 years, I have seen some great and some poor ideas which I talk about below.

The bad news is that although there are numerous services available, some are more suited to these periods than others and even within those ‘better options’ you will have numerous people claiming that they are the best option.


You could hire everything from a string quartet, to an acoustic singer, a wedding harpist, a bagpiper or even a simply a music system. Good options? You may be thinking ‘who doesn’t like music’? Consider this; the answer could genuinely be ALL OF YOUR GUESTS. The right music, for the right people is an incredible mood lifter, generating an amazing atmosphere but in my experience, this is not achievable at a wedding. Why? Simply because most weddings will have a wide age range of guests, from children to older family, I can guarantee that no music will satisfy all of their tastes!!

An important thing to remember when considering hire music for your wedding is that your guests will not have a choice about whether they listen to it or not, if they do not like it, tough! They have no way of escaping it! Also, music that is loud inevitably drowns out conversation, which is a big mistake!

Caricature Artist

A nice touch maybe, there are certainly some talented people out there but in terms of adding to your atmosphere and entertaining your wedding guests, in my opinion it’s just not good enough.

hire wedding magician cardiff, cardiff wedding magician

Close-up Magic

Am I biased? Yes of course I am. Can I be objective about the issue? Yes absolutely!! Performing at 30 plus wedding per year in Cardiff, Bridgend, Swansea , throughout Wales and the UK for over 10 years as well as attending a fair few as a guest has given me a clear idea about what works and what does not.

Firstly, close-up magic is completely unique in its ability to provide immediate moments of astonishment to your guests. All of the magic usually happens in the hands of your guests, leaving them speechless, entertained and acting as an amazing icebreaker to get your guests talking to one another. The real beauty of having a good magician at your wedding is that your guests will continue to speak about your wedding day, long after it has finished.

How do I know what a good/bad magician is?

cardiff wedding magician, wedding magician cardiff, cardiff magician

I have thought about this issue at length and for me it comes down which magicians would I personally hire for my wedding. The answer is genuinely only a select few in all of Wales! Be careful who you choose.

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