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Coincidence by Cardiff Magician James Hawker

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As a professional magician it is rare I get a whole weekend 'off', meaning I had no performances booked in.

I usually split my non- performance time between updating my marketing material (so if you google Cardiff wedding magician, you will find me) and thinking about new ideas and principles to continually improve my level of performance, ensuring those who hire me as their wedding magician get superb value for money and an experience they, and their guests, will remember for a long time.

"There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidence"

I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the word coincidence, the coincidences I experience and the multitude of meanings people assign to the word. As is usually the case for me, I became slightly obsessed with the manipulation of coincidence and it has led me to a wonderful array of ideas and effects which are very powerful.

cardiff magician, wedding magician cardiff, magicians south wales

If you are looking for wedding magicians in South Wales or a Cardiff magician and you have come across this blog, it may well be coincidence. Please feel free to contact me here or to check out my other website

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