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Hiring a wedding magician in South Wales – 3 easy tips to ensure you get the right magician and magi

cardiff magician james hawker performs as a wedding magician in Cardiff

I have decided to re-do some of my older blog posts to make them more relevant and because my ideas, knowledge and experience has changed during the years of performing. This blog was one of the first topics and blogs I wrote and looking back at some of the advice I was giving, although still strictly true, it needs updating. You will notice the video below ?! I will try, from this blog on-wards, to include a video blog (VLOG) to accompany each topic. Occasionally, this will include a guest to ensure that the content is of the highest quality.

In the previous blog, my tips were;-


The purpose of this point was to encourage you to see the type of magic, the magician you hire performs. Although I believe that this is still valid, there are some additional points to make

a) In 2019, you can easily view (sometimes even live) videos, see images and read reviews. This will give you quite a good understanding of the type of person the magician is, their professionalism and the type of magic they perform

b) I, like many other good professionals, are very busy during peek times (which last months) and offering a demonstration is not something that I offer or is asked for regularly. Please note that I do offer an almost immediate demonstration online (please feel free to ask for more information) and am always willing to speak on the telephone.

Cardiff magician James Hawker performs some mind reading at a wedding in the Cardiff area


This is still a very valid point and its purpose was to portray to you that not all magicians (or magic) are the same! In an age where people can buy or see 'tricks' online, this is especially true! There is a big difference between someone who does tricks and someone who is a magician, this will be immediately evident if you know even a little about what to look out for!

A good, professional magician will perform magic. This means a number of things! The first difference is that a magician will perform their own material, meaning the 'magic' your guests experience will be unique and not something that is both bought and copied from another magician.

The second thing you will notice is the way the magicians performs! The magician will work with people in way you would expect form a professional working with people. This wont be dis-jointed but will be entertaining, interactive and WILL NOT be about 'FOOLING' your guests.


This point is still relevant too. There is a saying that goes 'you get what you pay for' which is, in my experience almost always true. If you hire someone who is really cheap, you should expect a service to match, it really is quite simple.

Cardiff magician, wedding magician Cardiff, Magicians Cardiff, Bridgend magician for hire

It turns out that those points were and are still valid and worth some consideration but my 3 top tips today, in 2019, differ slightly. They are ...

1) Check your magician is professional

Professionalism is absolutely key! You simply would not believe the amount of times I am contacted, at short notice, by couples who are desperate because the magician they hired has let them down last minute, professionals do not do this!

You can tell a professional magician because its evident in all they do. They will have an update website, social media platforms and a custom email address (there is nothing worse than someone trying to charge you a lot of money with a @talktalk email address). The magicians prices will be consistent because they reflect what the magician is worth. One other tip, take a look at the language they use on social media, whilst it is not unknown for me to use 'lol' when texting some of my friends, I would never dream of using it on anything connected with my business.

2) Price

Shop around, you will get a good idea of the different prices people charge and therefore a good idea of what is fair and reasonable. If you speak with some magicians, you will soon be able to tell who is experienced. I do not consider myself to be cheap but I do believe my services represent excellent value for money, so much so, I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely happy!

3) Be clear about what you want but take advice

This is so important! If you decide to hire me you are effectively hiring not just my skills, but my experience too and the same is true of other magicians. Talk about your wedding or the event with the magician and they will give you advice about how to seamlessly integrate the magician into your plans.

So that is my updated take on an older blog. It would be great to know what you think? If you are looking to hire a wedding magician and would like to speak to me about the points above and how I can add to your special day, please do get in touch

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