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Hiring a magician in 2017? You NEED Weiss Owl!

Firstly, I hope you a magical Christmas and an incredible New Year? My December was the busiest I have had in all my years performing, hence the lack of updates on the blog.

Its funny how the New Year period is often a time for reflection and although as a professional magician this is a constant practice, this time of year is often the quietest and affords me more time to delve deeper into what I do and why I do it.

Whilst looking through some old files on my computer I found the above video which I had made a long time ago. Recognizing how ridiculous that video is showed me how far I had come, not only in terms of magical performance, but more importantly my image and my understanding of the business. Still, that psychic cat cant be wrong, can he?!

In 2016 I, along with an incredible magician (James Went) co-founded the magic company Weiss Owl. In our first year, we worked with some amazing companies, organisations and people that took us all over the UK and started our venture into Europe The aim of Weiss Owl was to provide truly exceptional magic, its that simple! As a company we believe that the true magic of what we do (pardon the pun) is in the fine detail. These are the things that elevate our performances from something every magician does to the mind blowing and memorable and the small things we do when engaging and communicating with clients which ensures the entire process is efficient. Believe it or not, there are not many magicians that do this!

New Year, new material

Every year I change my act almost entirely to ensure that people who book me repeatedly (of which there are many) get to experience new, high quality and current material. If you booked me last year, I guarantee that my mix and mingle magic, table magic and trade event magic will all be different material but of equal if not better quality. All of these things are also true of my business partner James Went! This is something you really do not get when you hire other magicians.

So if your looking for high quality magical entertainment that you can rely on, contact me here or through Weiss Owl.

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